FreshCo does offer a price matching system, although it has some limitations. They do not base their prices on other market prices but will honour price matching for items that are one cent lower than what you want to match. So, the answer to the question is yes, FreshCo does the price match.

This article will tell you all about FreshCo’s price adjustment policy. It will also answer questions about how FreshCo matches other prices. You’ll understand it all when you read it.


  • About FreshCo
  • Does FreshCo Price Match?
  • Should You Shop At FreshCo?
  • FreshCo Price Adjustment Policy in 2022
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  • Other Grocery Stores that Price Match
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About FreshCo

FreshCo was launched in 2010 as the discount banner of a Canadian grocery chain, Sobeys Inc., owned by Empire Company Limited, to compete with Canada’s Walmart Supercenters and Costco Canada and to serve as a discount grocery chain, such as Food Basics and No Frills.

FreshCo is only in Canada. It sells lots of different kinds of food like fish, meat, and bread. You can also get ready-to-eat food, special cuts of meat, and other groceries. Everything is sold at a good price.

FreshCo has gift cards that you can use for groceries. You can buy them at all FreshCo stores.

FreshCo has a Double Fresh Guarantee that allows you to receive a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase at FreshCo.

As of 2019, FreshCo has 98 stores. The company was established in March 2010, and in 2017, 64 stores owned by Sobeys Inc. were converted to FreshCo locations.

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  • FreshCo has gift cards that you can use for groceries.
  • FreshCo is only in Canada.
  • FreshCo is a great option if you want to save money on fresh, quality groceries.
  • FreshCo cannot match the prices of products with misprints from competitors.

FreshCo and Price Matching?

FreshCo does offer price matching, but there are some limitations to their policy. They only price match up to 2 identical items and there are only a select few supermarket competitors that they will match prices with, based on geographical trade range. The price match policy at FreshCo is referred to as the “Lowest Price Guarantee.”

FreshCo’s price match policy was updated in 2020 to include Walmart, Food Basics, No Frills, and Real Canadian SuperStore. Customers are allowed to price match within 7 days of their purchase.

Should You Shop At FreshCo?

Although FreshCo has an excellent price-matching system, shopping there may not necessarily save you as much money as you think. Nonetheless, FreshCo offers unique services that most supermarkets do not provide, such as the ability to add a restaurant order to your grocery delivery.

Even though FreshCo offers to beat the price of items by one cent, they have other options that most major supermarkets do not provide. This is because FreshCo is passionate about offering food items at affordable prices that will suit your different budget plans.

FreshCo is a great option if you want to save money on fresh, quality groceries. They have over 123 stores in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, and their stores are well-designed and easy to navigate.

FreshCo Price Match Policy in 2022

FreshCo’s website underwent a price adjustment in 2022, which had been implemented in February 2020 and continues to be in effect. The policy has some restrictions, but it guarantees a reduction in the price of only one cent.

Please note that this policy has limitations and will only reduce the price by one cent. It applies only to major supermarket competitors located in the store’s trade area and requires proof of their pricing. If comparable or identical items are available from private vendors, this policy also applies.

You can ask for a price adjustment, but it can only be decreased to the guaranteed minimum price of 1 cent. Keep in mind that not all items are eligible for the FreshCo price match policy. This policy applies to certain items such as the exact brand and comparable items from private labels, depending on the competition within the geographical trade range.

The FreshCo price match policy excludes gift cards, prescriptions, limited sales or offers, or items from any significant supermarket competitor out of the given geographical area.

Here is the summary of what FreshCo’s price match policy or “Lowest Price Guarantee” entails for a clearer understanding.

  • If you want to match the price of a product from another company, both products must be exactly the same or very similar.
  • For a price match, the competitor must have a store located in the same geographic trade area as your local FreshCo store.
  • For FreshCo to match a competitor’s price, the items being compared must be in stock and available at both FreshCo and the competitor’s store.
  • Price matching does not apply to products purchased on offer, discounted items, or clearance items.
  • Price matching does not apply to items that were purchased through customer loyalty programs.
  • FreshCo cannot match the prices of products with misprints from competitors.
  • The maximum limit for purchasing the eligible product is 4 units.

Please be aware that FreshCo’s team has the authority to determine which competitors are qualified for price matching and which ones are located within their area of operation.

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Over 5 million people use FreshCo For Groceries Purchase

FreshCo Competitor’s advertised Price Match

FreshCo matches the prices of its biggest competitors, but there is no clear definition of what falls within the geographical trade area of the local FreshCo store.

To ensure your safety, it’s advisable to speak with a FreshCo employee at your local store to avoid any unexpected situations.

Does FreshCo Price Match Food Basics?

Yes, FreshCo’s prices match those of Food Basics in the Canadian grocery retail sub-sector where Food Basics is a dominant force.

Whether or not the Food Basic store matches FreshCo’s trading range depends on its geographical location.

Does FreshCo Price Match Walmart?

Yes, FreshCo will match the price of Walmart if the store is close by and if they have the same product.

Does FreshCo Price Match Metro?

There is precise information on whether FreshCo matches prices with Metro. However, depending on your location and size and whether you are large enough to be a strong competitor, they may allow you to match prices.

Does FreshCo Price Match Online?

No, FreshCo does not price match online. They only price match with competitors located within the vicinity of any of their local stores.

Does FreshCo Price Match Galleria Supermarket?

FreshCo price matches Galleria Supermarket because it is a major grocer in Canada. Both supermarkets must follow the terms and conditions, and all identical products will be price matched.

Does FreshCo Price Match No Frills?

To clarify, FreshCo can price match No Frills products as long as both stores’ terms are followed since all No Frills items are eligible for FreshCo’s price matching policy.

Does FreshCo Price Match Giant Tiger?

FreshCo’s price match policy includes Giant Tiger as a competitor. If you meet the requirements outlined in the policy, you can take advantage of price matching with Giant Tiger.

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  • FreshCo has gift cards that you can use for groceries.
  • FreshCo is only in Canada.
  • FreshCo is a great option if you want to save money on fresh, quality groceries.
  • FreshCo cannot match the prices of products with misprints from competitors.

What are FreshCo’s Best-selling Products?

FreshCo offers a variety of fresh produce and groceries, but its top-selling categories are frozen food, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Within these categories, customers most frequently buy ice cream, apples, chicken, and potatoes. Additionally, FreshCo’s dairy, bakery, deli, and meat products are both flavorful and healthy. For fresh produce and frozen food in Canada, FreshCo is the ideal destination.

Other Grocery Stores that Price Match

Here are five other grocery stores that price match. Do check them out:

1.     No Frills

No Frills This Canadian grocery store is known for its price match policy called “Won’t Be Beat”. If a major supermarket competitor within the store’s geographic trade area advertises an identical or similar item for a lower price, the policy will be applied.

No Frills will match the lower price of a competitor’s advertisement during the effective date if you provide proof of the competitor’s advertisement, whether it’s a digital or print flyer.

No Frills Price Match Policy does not include matching prices of items that were purchased from local competitors through loyalty membership programs, promo codes, exclusive discounts, or Spend X Get X deals.

2. Save On Foods

Another grocery store that price match is Save on Foods. The store has a price match policy called “Western Family Lowest Price Guaranteed.” This policy applies when a national brand item is offered at a lower price and is identical to a Western Family item on the current list of Western Family & National Brand Equivalents. If this happens, you can receive one free item per product family.

Additional items will be purchased at the national brand equivalent current advertised price”.

However, Western Family Signature products are excluded from this policy.

3. Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger This is another well-known brand that offers price matching called “Ad Match Guarantee.” This policy is designed to beat any advertised prices from competitors. If a local competitor has the same item in-store for a lower price, all you need to do is bring in their advertisement and you can purchase the product for one cent less than the competitor’s price.

Purchases made using percentage discounts, rebates, clearance sales, combination promotions such as Buy 2, Get 1 Free, private label products, random deals, online offers, customer membership discounts, or competitor misprints are not eligible.

4.     Maxi

Maxi price match policy is applicable to major supermarkets in Quebec. We will match the lower price if any major supermarket in Quebec offers the same identical item at a lower price during the effective period. Please note that our price match offer is limited to a maximum of 4 items only.

5.     IGA

IGA The store has a great price match policy called the “Unbeatable Price Guarantee.” This policy will match the price and lower it by one cent if a major supermarket competitor within the same area offers a lower price. However, this policy does not apply to certain items such as gift cards, loyalty programs, promo codes, discount programs, third-party vendors in-store, and tobacco and liquor.

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Over 5 million people use FreshCo For Groceries Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does FreshCo Do Delivery?

FreshCo offers delivery services with the option to add items from their in-store restaurant to your order. However, there are some limitations associated with it. To avail of the delivery service, you need to meet the minimum order requirement of $15 and pay a delivery fee starting at $2.

Does FreshCo Accept Paypal?

FreshCo does accept payments made through Paypal. If there is an issue with your order that is ultimately FreshCo’s fault, you can receive a complete refund.

What Is Freshco’s Exchange Policy?

FreshCo wants all its customers to be happy. You can exchange things you buy at FreshCo within 15 days if you have the receipt. Things bought online must be returned online, and things bought in-store must be returned in-store.

What Is The Parent Company Of Freshco?

Sobeys Inc., the parent company, founded and owned FreshCo, which is a Canadian chain of discount supermarkets.

Does FreshCo Have A Loyalty Program?

FreshCo does not have a loyalty program. However, they do have a subscription system that sends exclusive deals to all subscribed members. Additionally, they offer gift cards that range from $5 to $500.

Does FreshCo Have A Return Policy?

FreshCo’s return policy allows customers to return products within 14 days of purchase with the payment receipt and receive a full refund.

How To Contact FreshCo?

Contact FreshCo via their customer care number at 1-866-948-0196 or online.


FreshCo has a price match policy where they will match the price of identical or similar items from large supermarket competitors and sell it for one cent lower. However, their policy has a limitation as items purchased through a discount program will not be eligible for the price match. Despite this limitation, FreshCo remains a great Canadian store for buying fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and frozen foods at competitive prices.

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