I'm Falohun Itunu And Here Is My Story

My name is (Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun), and I am a proud Nigerian living in Alberta, Canada. 

Growing up in Nigeria, I was lucky enough to have ambitious parents who wanted to ensure that their children had the best education possible. 

My mother runs a small school in Lagos Nigeria. Even though it was small and started modestly with just a handful of students, my mother worked hard everyday to try and make it grow.

She knew that she needed help to reach her goals and she turned to me for that extra push. 

Together we came up with an innovative process for running the school efficiently and profitably. 

We implemented the process step-by-step and before we knew it, the school began to thrive! 

Our success got noticed and soon other school owners began asking us how they could replicate our success in their own schools.

Seeing this opportunity, I decided to develop a training program which I named 5 Secrets Of School Growth. 

It enabled us to reach out to more than 24000 school owners across Nigeria, teaching them how to run their schools efficiently using our process.

Through the 5 Secrets we were able to generate enough money from subscriptions fees so that our family could move from Nigeria to Canada where there would be more opportunities for our children’s education.

Once settled in Canada I launched my blog SeunFalo as a way of sharing my experiences both as a Nigerian immigrant and as an entrepreneur in the educational and Technology space. 

On my blog I talk about trying to make sense of life in a new country while also helping entrepreneurs start or scale their business ventures successfully using today tech skills. 

This includes topics such as innovation in education, product development strategies and personal branding tips amongst others.

My journey has been incredibly rewarding – from helping my mother grow her school from humble beginnings into a profitable venture which helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve success – all the way through launching

 SeunFalo blog which helps entrepreneurs find answers through my experiences as an immigrant on his quest for success in Canada.

P.S. If you are interested in getting in touch with me go here

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