The Authority Brand Strategy

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One of the Sweetest feelings is the ability to help people all over the world experience a sense of fulfillment, why spending fulfilling your purpose and spend time with those that mean the world to you 

I am Seun Falo, and does this resonate with you?

Do You have a strong opinion about something really dear to you and wonder, how you make people get your point of view?

I noticed that about myself some years ago… No matter what is said about a particular topic, I make my own conclusions

That’s not the only part,

When I get to share my own conclusions with my friend or any small group of people

I receive so many nods and a round of applause

It was exciting at first you know, and I loved the attention, I really loved it

I was getting noticed and that was fine, until I had the opportunity to share a topic on marketing with a group of school leaders

I was ready to share up until 5 hours before the lecture, it was meant to be a chat session really

So I thought, what if I am asked to summarize what was shared after the lessons?

I immediately sat down and after about 59 minutes I wrote out a 25-page eBook from the Transformational Framework I already Developed

It was so interesting writing this Ebook in few minutes, as my coaching framework made it super easy to come up with my content

I offered this Ebook for $9 and got 66 of them to buy it from the online class, I then put up a coaching offer for $997 and had 18 School leaders join me for a 3 months journey

Creating products became super easy after I figured out my Transformation Framework

From this same framework, I have gone on to create 

1. 3 coaching programs 

2. 2 subscription programs

3. 2 Facilitation programs

4. 2 mentorship programs

5. 29 Ebooks Written

See a list of some of the ebooks below.

These Transformational framework has been a EUREKA Moment for me. One Framework can create multiple transformational products for you

For Example 

I have a Transformational product, its a mentorship programme, its called INNER CIRCLE, and in here we go through one of my ebook each month

The Inner Circle community has grown into 1093 monthly subscribers who are currently paying monthly to access my mentorship, we also share our thoughts on WhatsApp.

Here below are some of the comments from those who have gone through my framework and have become a part of my mentorship community

After writing 38 different programmes from my Transformational Framework Called Authority Brand System, I want to show you how to create your own TRANSFORMATIONAL FRAMEWORK

From Creating my transformational FRAMEWORK


I built a 24,000 Strong Member Community, who have gone through various programmes with me.


This Authority Brand system Framework will give you ONE METHODOLOGY that you can deploy in several ways and you’ll create transformation with your audience


So How Does This Work?

The Authority Brand Challenge

5 Days Step By Step Unique Solution system Creation by I.T                                                  ($4,997 Value)

A Unique solution system That Generates 5 figures for you Per Month                                 ($359 Value)

5 Different Products You To Start Earning From Immediately You Create This solution  ($359 Value)

Access To Daily Feedbacks On Each Days Challenge                                                    ($359 Value)

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The Authority Brand Challenge is a "5 day Comprehensive Hands on Programme That Helps You Create A Unique solution As a Knowledge Based Product Creator" it's the definitive Simple, Easy, Step-By-Step guide to starting and growing a Unique Knowledge Framework that Can help you create Ebooks, Coaching Programmes, Online courses, Consultation Sessions for Your Online Coaching practice.

A Proven Step-By-Step System That Shows You Exactly How To Create Your Unique Knowledge based business that Represents Your Own Unique Knowledge and Experience Generating 5 figures Monthly

1. Message:- Undertand the unique message you have, which can be brought out from your knowledge, expertise or your experience, understand how to communicate it, and the stories that can help you communicate it extremely well, this makes you BOND with your target Audience like no one will  


2. Method:- Create a unique method for delivering your message, in a simple and linear way that makes everyone quickly  identify with the solutions you present just as you are currently doing with this..  


3. Market:- Create messages in my customized 5 step process that makes it very easy to connect with the need and the desire of the market(s) you will be serving, and also how to use the Congregation Method to make this market respond to you and choose you as their most trusted, most liked and most loved advisor.  


4. Money:- Show you different markets and what you can create to make money from each market, plus how you go about creating products that can make you multiple streams of income from each market  


5. Mentor:- Show you the 4 sets of people you need in your life to help you produce the maximum result, and how you can tap into each of these persons to get the motivation to do what you have to do    


Who Is The 5 Days Authority Brand Challenge For Starting Up & Scaling Up For?

AT LAST! Smash Through Plateaus Holding You Back, End The Frustration & Overwhelm By Doubling Your Revenue With Wildly Authority Brand System OF Creating Clients

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Here's The Breakdown Of What You'll Discover Over 5 Days....

Day 1: Sales Funnel Secrets Most Marketers Don't Know About

You’ll discover how to identify your “Unique Advantage” traits that will give you the edge when it comes to your business.

These will set up the 5 Steps Prospect To Profits Awareness pyramid that CONVERTS cold Traffic To High Paying Clients. 

I discovered this jealously guarded secret in person from Michael Masterson AKA Mark Ford 68 years old and behind the Agora Financial Company that did 1.6Billion in a YEAR selling digital newsletters.

They are the behemoth in digital marketing publishing financial information.

Without this you’ll have CRICKETS and no one buying, this is biggest mistakes that 99% of newbies that aren’t making sales per month consistently do. No offense, if you make under 100K a year, I consider you a newbie. Using my HTA Formula I will give you the powers to join the Upper Echelons of marketers, they really don’t WANT you knowing this secret.

This isn’t just some rehashed information, this is battle tested TRANSFORMATIONAL content that is designed to create epiphanies, breakthroughs and instant clarity that takes you from Overwhelm To Cash Collecting Extra-Ordinaire.

Day 2: How To Get 24-7 Automatic Selling Machine (ASM) Deployed In Under 7 Minutes

This is the SINGLE BEST SECRET on scaling and I’ve been using it to build more than 10 different businesses & It’s Why I’m Able To OUTSPEND All Of My Competitors In Order To WIN A Customer… And How We’re Able To Run Paid Ads With NO Ad Budget!

(Case Study: How I got 7,198 booked phone calls for my High Ticket offers)  

Got this Little Known secret from the Legend, Dan Kennedy.

(I used this tactic to make myself an emergency 1.2Million)

Day #3: “Get Money Now” Word For Word Enrollment Scripts

Day #4: The HOLY GRAIL Funnels & Fill In The Blanks EP System

The Step-By-Step FRAMEWORK Over 100,000+ Entrepreneurs Are Using To Get All Of Their Funnels Built, Without Needing To Be A “Techie”, Or Know A Single Line Of Code…

This is How I Get 3K, 10K, 40K & Even 100K+ Clients.
(Btw, whilst I was writing this letter another cash injection of 3,5K just came in!)

Day #5: Launch Revolution, Get Paid What You're Worth & The Ultimate 90 Days Fast-Track To

This is all brand new for 2022…

This will give birth to a whole NEW breed of Entrepreneurs (Agency Owners/ Coaches / Consultants / Advisors/ Business Owners”…

Date & Time : Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 2022 | 6PM EST - 7PM EST

Free Yourself From the Shackles Of The Economic Slavery & Entrepreneurial Hostage-Ness”

Imagine, a business you can run from anywhere that works without you having to be a slave to your computer.

Imagine a funnel that consistently converts cold leads into buyers and (finally) puts you in a position to enjoy both financial and time freedom.  

Now Imagine the pride of literally conjuring cash out of thin air, creating a compelling funnel that sucks cash out of your list, your visitors, and quadrupling your ads’ ROI so you can actually start living life instead of being chained 15-18 hours behind the computer whilst sacrificing family, life, energy, health and your love life. 
Let’s get real. 
Most entrepreneurs have no idea what they are doing and relying on HOPE marketing vs creating a system around sales funnels that helps give them life instead of taking life away from them. 
“Sales Funnels Is the Only Way Left For You To Free Yourself From the Shackles Of The Economic Slavery & Entrepreneurial Hostage-Ness” 

If you fit into any of the above categories, join my 5 Day Challenge today.

Totally with nothing to lose.

Here's 4 Extra Bonus Videos Added In For You...

VIDEO 1: Reposition Your Existing Knowledge To Attract High Ticket Clients

Are you charging less for your products and dealing with more stress?

In this uncut insight class with Dean Graziosi, NYT Best Seller shares how to “SKILLS UP” you’ll discover how to reposition the knowledge you already have to turn it to charge more to your clients.

Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. He has started or has been involved in 13+ companies that have changed all around the world.

For over 20 years Dean has been dedicated to delivering self-education to those seeking transformation and success outside the normal path of traditional education.

VIDEO 2: How To Grow Your Business During Times Of Uncertainty & Recession

Already got a business but STUCK and want to GROW?

Jay Abraham is known as the 21Billion Man and mentor to ALL Mentors. He talks about navigating the ‘START UP’ stages even during pandemic times.

Jay has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide. Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business scenario and issue.

What Jay has an uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth and success by looking at the situations from totally different paradigms.

VIDEO 3: How To Buy Other People’s Business With Practically Zero Money?

Roland Frasier, principle of Digital Market talks about uncovering hidden profit levers that you can tap into for creating wealth beyond a lifetime.

Co-founder and/or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies (e-commerce, e-learning, SaaS + real estate).

Serial entrepreneur who built or sold 24 businesses with adjusted sales ranging from 3 million to just under 4 billion.

Roland’s Masterclass is on how to “SCALE UP” using multiple profit centres from one single transaction.

Real Life Case Study Breakdown included on how he did this creating windfall profits that ANYONE can model right now.
(Footage taken from a private 5K event hosted in London)

VIDEO 4: The 5 Step Handsfree System I Use To Make Up to $30,000 Per Day With Tiny Little Products

In this exclusive video I share the principles that I use to create passive cashflow on demand paydays that once discovered can help anyone add an extra “Scalable Income Skill”.

After building 10 brands to over 7 figures each, 3 of them to 8 figures each before the age of 30 I’ve pioneered multiple TRUE & TESTED systems that scales.

This video is one masterclass on how I run a business division with less than 60 mins a week.

Being Featured on Forbes as a Digital Trendsetter and surpassing 7 Figures a month at 28 years old.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You're Getting Today!

5 Days Step By Step Live Training with Funnels Expert; Shaqir Hussyin                        ($4,997 Value)

Million Dollar Marketing Exercises, worksheets, templates & Tools                                  ($359 Value)

Breakdown Of Case Studies With Our TOP 7 Figure Successful Students                        ($359 Value)

FAST ACTION BONUS Masterclass TRAINING                                                                                  ($359 Value)

Master Class BONUS SESSION 1:

Private Masterclass From Russell Brunson on Traffic Secrets.......

($359 Value)

Master Class BONUS SESSION 2:

Roland Frasier - Achieving your 3 years goals in 3 months..........

($359 Value)

Master Class BONUS SESSION 3:

Jay Abraham - Strategic Profit Secrets.................................

($359 Value)

Total Value: $997 

TODAY Offer Only $47!

Date & Time : Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 2022 | 6PM EST - 7PM EST

Who is your presenter; Shaqir Husssyin?

Quoted by Dan Pena on the Joe Rogan Podcast as one of the top 5 online marketers ever, Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of &

Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire” for travelling over 65+ countries before the age of 30, he’s a product of what he teaches, he’s invested $500,000 into building his network, joining masterminds, and getting coaching & consulting from the world’s best to become the best.

Since 2009, over 1,500,000+ Email Subscribers and members have joined the Online Profits Daily Newsletter. Shaqir and his team have hosted over 150+ events all over the world.

Featured on Forbes as a “Digital Trendsetter”, Home Business Connection and many leading websites. Known as the Backpack Millionaire for travelling 67+ countries and running an 8 figure business (soon to be 9 figures).

Shaqir has quickly become the go-to authority in the areas of High Ticket Marketing, Digital Publishing, Events & Seminars, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Webinars and Online Marketing.

Clients pay 10k, 40k and even 100K for personal Coaching & Mentoring With Shaqir Hussyin.

World’s ONLY 3x 2 Comma Club X (8 Figures Each) Winner UNDER 30 Years Old.

Come By & Learn From A No Fluff, All Results Focused Mentor....

100K Year Turns To 100K Months, To 100K Weeks To 100K Days, Sometimes 100K Hours...

PLEASE NOTE: My results are not typical, no way I’m I guaranteeing you this result or any result whatsoever, this took me 7 years of hard work, focus, investing in myself to get there, unfortunately most people don’t even know what is hard work. If you’re looking to do nothing and “GET RICH QUICK OVERNIGHT” this isn’t for you and I can’t help you. 


Challenge Ends in:

What Some Of Shaqir's
Student's Are Saying

NASA Business Strategist 6 Figures In 6 Months Becca Barry, Texas

Becca Barry – Texas, USA, NASA Business strategist. Tried everything, spent 2 days with Shaqir & generated over 100K herfirst 6 months.

7 Figure Surfer Scott Smith - Australia

Scott Smith – 8 Figures In Sales Sydney, Australia, Internet marketer for years & became an 8-Figure sales earner after meeting Shaqir & learned his teachings.

Zero To 600K With Shaqir's Mentoring, Rayyan - Canada

650K+ In Sales After Attending 2 Day Intensive. Working with Shaqir Hussyin and have come to generate over 650K USD in ecommerce sales in one year.

Financial Planner
Tony - UK

Tony Ashbolt, Financial Planner 60K First 4 Months, Financial, Builds His Current Business to 7 Figures+

Ian Billingham - HongKong

Ian Billingham – HongKong Living the financial freedom by leveraging a system taught by Shaqir Hussyin

Paul Lynch - UK

Paul Lynch – Ex-Footballer Blackburn, Followed Shaqir’s training and generated over 10M in sales which enable him to the life he always dreamed of.


5 Day Funnels Challenge PREPARATION BUNDLE

– Value $9,996.82 –

Claim Your 7x FAST ACTION BONUSES For Joining Right Now.

Total Value: $9,996.82 

Launch Price: $2,997
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Date & Time : Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 2022 | 6PM EST - 7PM EST

Date & Time : Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 2022 | 6PM EST - 7PM EST

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

The challenge starts on 15th of October, 4PM EST The first 1000 customers can purchase for the lowest price listed on this. I plan to raise it by 100 USD after a new wave of customers buy to cover my advertising costs. The price is going to revert to 997 USD-299 (each session will go from 60-90 mins) Recordings will be provided to people who upgrade for $97. This course recordings is most likely going to be sold for $997-$2,997 later on this year.
This is the first time in 10 years of marketing online that I'm launching this as a Marketing Experiment.It's simple. I have a goal to help 10,000 entrepreneurs before the end of this pandemic especially in 2021. The only way I can do that is to transplant what I know in your head and ELIMINATE YOUR EXCUSES. That means, I'm practically "taking you behind the scenes" behind my empire, the same blueprint that helped me make over $30,000,000, without working 100 hours a week -- and working from home. I'm looking for 100 solid testimonials before I launch this to the "General Public" for 997-3K price point. I need successful case studies.
This will be hosted inside of a facebook group, if you purchase the one time offers, they will be emailed to you separately in 24-48 hours or less. The Actual Challenge is hosted inside the FB group and the Q&A LIVE Customers will be sent a private and UNIQUE "ZOOM LINK" so you can get LIVE Support from me. If you do NOT get an email please email
Some of my students are previewed on the page but I've coached newbies to many multi-millionaires, celebrities, military, teachers, accountants, consultants, coaches, advisors, start-ups, sidehustlers, and CEOs of all sizes and backgrounds including... ✅ Helped a 20+ people create a 7 figure business, 3 of them to over 8 figures. ✅ Built and trained over 1,000,000+ email subscribers and emailed 8+ years consistently. ✅ Trained some of the largest online marketing communities. PLUS + ALOT more.
No, you don't, this is a LIVE Interactive Course, I ask questions, you engage, you watch, learn and execute on what I share with you.
You don't! I'll teach you how to sell a service from SCRATCH and have others deliver it or you can create an INSTANT product just from what we teach on Day 1, I want you to be up and running even if you are totally BRAND NEW to this.We'll also teach you how to market and sell other people's products, sell your own, or even offer services to sell other people's offers as an agency within the first 1-5 days!

Join Today For Only $2.997.00

Join Today For Only $47

Date & Time : Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 2022 | 6PM EST - 7PM EST

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